A/C Repair

It’s important to have an experienced and trustworthy A/C technician check you’re A/C system at regular intervals.

Improper care or lack of care will eventually create problems with your A/C.

Turn to the Mackey Team for professionalism and technical expertise. We’ll make sure the job is done right. We will inspect your system, diagnose what the problem is and then thoroughly explain what your options are.

There's A Variety of Problems That Can Cause Your A/C to Not Work Properly

  • The thermostat or sensor is not working correctly
  • The motor or compressor may have failed
  • A dirty filter could also cause you problems
  • You may be low on refrigerant

It may just be a cleaning to get your unit back up and running, but you also may need to replace a part, or it might make sense to consider replacing your A/C unit altogether. If replacing your A/C unit is the best solution, we will help you understand your options in choosing the right one for your home, advising you on the system that is most appropriate for your needs and the layout of your home.

Regular maintenance will ensure your air conditioner is working at optimal efficiency and it will also extend the life of your A/C unit. We’ll make sure to set up an annual maintenance check with you. This includes cleaning your unit, checking on the refrigerant and making sure your A/C system is in excellent working order.

Call The Mackey Team today. We will help you with any issues that may arise with your air conditioning unit, whether it’s maintenance, repair or replacement. We’ll be there to help when you need us.